Simple and proactive

It stands to reason that a simple, proactive and organised approach is almost always better than a complex, reactive and chaotic one. All the best sportsmen and people at the top of their game are always very good at this, and they always seem to have the time to do what they do best.

My management style will be the same as it’s always been, where I seek to surround myself with decent people who have the strengths and qualities I don't possess. As a leadership team, I’ll authorise the payment of 'whatever it takes' to get the best people in their field to come to Manchester and help me build this city into a world-class place. If the solid foundations are there – which I believe they are – it’s possible to change the way we look at things very quickly.

The ideology of fairness is a currency that any reasonable person can deal in. Nobody wins unless everyone has the chance to win. Here in Greater Manchester, this is a simple and proactive way to proceed.