Urban legend has it when the wealthy Henry Royce tried to entice the talented Charles Rolls down to London, the latter's attachment to our area was too strong. The rest is history, and the now-famous Rolls Royce company grew from its humble beginnings in Hulme.

The spirit of Mr Rolls and his determination to stay in Manchester are what we must now reproduce 100 years later.

It’s no coincidence that the Chinese president visited our city to look at the new product, graphene, that was discovered in Manchester and could change the way engineering and building take place in the future. The YouTube video below is worth a watch to emphasise the importance of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester to our area.

The science and engineering community at Manchester’s universities is one of the best in the world and is crucial to creating jobs in our region. The mayoral links to academia in this area, as well as other areas of research, must therefore be strong.

For nostalgia, I don’t rule out supporting a new car company here in Manchester that develops a product that runs off macro and micro generated electricity from our natural surroundings. The dividends that Manchester City Council gets from the success of Manchester Airport covers the salaries of many public sector workers. It’s absurd to think that we can't use this public money to stimulate the formation of new start-up businesses that create jobs.